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◆ All kinds of small motors
AC motor, DC motor, PMDC motor, stepper motor, servo motor, brushless motor, etc.

for household appliances, automobiles, industrial automation, robot, office automation,

electric cars, drone, audio-visual digital products, telecommunication,

aerospace and military, smart home, medical devices, computer, etc.;

◆ Motor manufacturing and testing equipments
winding machines, welding machines, cutting machine, motor drive & control system,

motor testing equipments, motor mould, punching machines, dipping machines, wrapping machines, inserting machines, soldering machines, etc.

◆ Motor accessories and components
bearing, gear, commutator, stator, rotor, fan, sensors, shell, shaft, lamination, carbon brush,
thermal protector, controller, connector, insulated materials, coils, etc.

◆ All kinds of magnetic materials
permanent magnetic materials, soft magnetic materials, rare earth magnetic materials,

bonded magnet, magnetic wire, non-crystalline materials, electromagnetic materials,

magnetic stripes and various magnet products.

◆ Magnetic manufacturing and testing equipments
magnetizer, demagnetizer, dry power press, welding furnace, mixer, ball mill, cutting machine,
coating equipment, slicing machine, laser particle size analyzer, X fluorescence analyzer, etc.

Electronic transformers ,  inductors , coils , winding machines, accessories

electronic transformers , inductors, coils, transformer bobbins, copper wire, ferrite core, SI-Steel lamination, winding machines, wire feeding machines, wrapping machines, soldering machines , etc.


◆ Insulation Materials
enameled wire, insulating tapes ,insulated paints, high temperature insulation, high voltage insulation, insulating paper, insulating liquid, mica, laminated products, adhesive tapes, composite materials, insulators, resins, porcelain, etc.

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