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Shenzhen is part of Pearl River Economic Delta, the important base for high-tech R&D and manufacturing in China, with a strategic location perfectly connected with Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia.

Shenzhen is a beautiful ecological garden beach city with pleasant weather. It has beautiful surroundings and rich tourist resources. Shenzhen is developed in modern service industry with high internationalization degree. People can fully enjoy the delicious food, shopping and traveling pleasure.




Shenzhen is a major manufacturing center in China. In the 1990s, Shenzhen was described as constructing "one highrise a day and one boulevard every three days". The Shenzhen's rapidly growing skyline is regarded as one of the best in the world. It currently has 26 buildings at over 200 meters tall, including the Kingkey 100 (the 9th tallest building in the world), and Shun Hing Square (the 19th tallest building in the world).


Shenzhen is home to some of China's most successful high-tech companies, such as BYD, Dingoo, G'Five, Hasee, Huawei, JXD, Konka, Netac, Skyworth, Tencent, Coolpad and ZTE. BYD, Hasee and Huawei are headquartered in the Longgang District.TCL Corporation, best known as China's number one TV brand, has a presence in the city. Taiwan's largest company Hon Hai Group (Foxconn) has a manufacturing plant based in Shenzhen. Many foreign high-tech companies have their operations in the Science and Technology park in Nanshan District or outside the core districts where labor and land are much cheaper. CSG Holding is the largest architectural glass manufacturer in China. Vanke is the largest residential real estate developer in China. In the financial sector, Shenzhen Development Bank, China Merchants Bank and Shenzhen City Commercial Bank are some of the largest banks in China, with headquarters in Shenzhen.


Industrial zones


Shenzhen has implemented a "prioritizing industrial parks" strategy, creating an economy generated by high-tech industry and advanced manufacturing.


Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park

Located in the western part of Shennan Thoroughfare, the Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park was established in 1996, covering a planned area of 11.52 square kilometers, of which 3.3 square kilometers are for high-tech industry. With the electronic information industry as its focus, the park is rapidly developing three major industries, biomedicine, optical electromechanical integration, and new materials. The park has been certified as the “National Hi-tech Industrial Park” and “Hi-tech Products Export Base,” as well as “China APEC Hi-tech Industrial Park.”


Liuxiandong Industrial Park
With a total planned area of 3.2 square kilometers, the park has been designed as a manufacturing base for integrated circuits and telecom equipment.


Shiyan Industrial Park
With a total planned area of 7.6 square kilometers, the park has been designed to develop mass production of computers and computer parts.


South Guangming Industrial Park

With a total planned area of 28.31 square kilometers, the park’s area approved for construction covers 15.05 square kilometers, among which six square kilometers are the planned area for high-tech industry. The park focuses on electronics, digital display units, optical electromechanical integration, and large-scale advanced manufacturing.


Shenzhen Grand Industrial Zone (including Export Processing Zone)

It is located in Pingshan Township, Longgang District, with a total planned area of 174.4 square kilometers and a central development area of 38 square kilometers. The park focuses on high-tech industries, along with tertiary industries such as finance, real estate, trade, and service industry.
Shenzhen Export Processing Zone started operations as an enclosed area on March 31, 2001 after meeting national standards. Utilizing the strategy of group development, the park mainly focuses on four major fields: electronics, precision machinery, bioengineering and medical industry, and new materials. It has accommodated companies from Japan, the United States and Israel.


Excellent exhibition developing environment


The convention and exhibition in Shenzhen is developing very rapidly, and now it is developing towards well-known brand. Every year, there are a list of famous exhibitions such as  “China Hi-tech Fair”, “Security China”, “SIMM” ,“CIOE”, “SZIC” ,“CWJGF” and “ICIF”. The amount of the exhibition is growing rapidly in these years.


Shenzhen government pays important attention to the development of exhibition industry. It has set up exhibition industry promotion office and established important convention coordinated joint conference system. It has formulated perfect financial support policy, formed perfect convention and exhibition industry management system and built standard convention and exhibition industry market order. It attracts many international exhibitions with famous brand and exhibition enterprises to set up exhibition institutions and develop exhibition business. Now it has formed a developed and well-rounded exhibition industrial chain which oriented with exhibition hall, special exhibition institution, exhibition work design and construct enterprise and compound with logistics, hotel, catering, Etiquette of Public Relations, news media, advertising, business service.


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