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How do I get to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian)?

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Fuhua Third Road, Futian District) is located in the central area of the CBD exhibition hall, with convenient transportation, complete supporting facilities.

The exhibition hall is a 30-minute drive from Shenzhen Baoan Airport, with direct airport bus service. 15 minutes walk to Futian high-speed Railway station; 10 minutes walk to "Convention Center" subway station Exit D; At the same time, you can also reach more than 10 star hotels and three shopping malls within walking distance, so that you can work and play.

Taking the subway

Shenzhen Metro "Exhibition Center Station" (Line 1, 4), Exit D, walk 10 minutes to the exhibition hall.

Transit in detail, please visit Shenzhen Metro's official website:

Public transportation near the exhibition hall

• Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center North Gate (Fuhua 3rd Road) : 38, 50, 56, 71, 80, 109, 214, 221, 353, 369, 373, 375, 391

• Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center East Gate (Jintian Road) : 34, 50, K113

• South Gate of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Binhe Road) : 229, 337, 382, 353, 369, J1

• West Gate of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Yitian Zhong Road) : 15, 35, 64, 71, 73, 80, 235, 374

Departure from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport

Method 1: By taxi, it takes about 53 minutes and costs about 150 yuan

Option 2: Take Metro Line 11, go through 7 stops, transfer to Line 1 at Che Kung Miao Station to the Convention and Exhibition Center Station

Way 3: Take the airport bus line 330 to the Investment Building ② Get off and walk 1.7 km to arrive, the fare is 20

 How to get from Guangzhou to Futian?

Method 1: Guangzhou East Railway Station (Guangzhou Metro Line 1 terminal station), take the high-speed train Guangzhou/Guangzhou East to Shenzhen, the fare is 79.5, 1 hour 34 minutes by car.

Method 2: Guangzhou South Railway Station (terminal of Metro Line 2), take the high-speed railway Guangzhou South to "Futian" station, ticket price 79.5, walk 15 minutes after the exit; If you take "Shenzhen North", you can transfer to the subway.

How do I get from the Exhibition Hall to Hong Kong?

Method 1: Walk to the Convention and Exhibition Center station, take subway Line 1 to Luohu, and pass the customs to arrive

Way 2: Walk to Futian Station, take the high-speed rail (Futian to Hong Kong West Kowloon, fare 68 yuan, 14 minutes)

Parking lot

The convention and exhibition Center parking lot consists of two parts: ground parking lot and underground parking lot.

The planned number of parking Spaces is 2138 (including: 1263 on the ground and 875 underground), and the actual number of parking Spaces is about 1,800.

· The entrance and exit of the ground parking lot are east gate, West gate, North Gate 1 and North gate 2, which connect Jintian Road, Yitian Road and Fuhua Road respectively.

· The underground parking lot is accessible from Fuhua Third Road and Binhe Avenue, with a height limit of 2.2 meters and is limited to cars only.

· Take elevators 7 to 14 from the underground parking lot to each floor of the Convention and Exhibition Center.

Tips: The use of parking lots and roads around the convention and exhibition center during major exhibitions should follow the arrangements and commands of traffic police and other departments.

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