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Welcome to 2024 Shenzhen (China) International Coil Winding & Electronic Transformer Exhibition
May 28-30, 2024, Shenzhen, China

Exhibition General

Shenzhen (China) International Coil Winding & Electronic Transformer Exhibition (CWEXPO for short) is an annual exhibition which has been successfully held for 13 years since 2010. Meanwhile, the exhibition scale is getting larger, the number of exhibitors and visitors increases gradually and it becoming more and more professional. The CWEXPO will be held at Shenzhen Exhibition & Convention Center on May 28-30, 2024.

As one of the most influential exhibition in coil winding and electronic transformer industry, CWEXPO will display the advanced manufacturing technologies, applied materials and components of electronic transformer and electric motor. 


Exhibition Advantages


Your exhibition experience can be substantially improved by focusing on the following five advantages:

1. Access to Organizing Committee's Million Audience Data

The Organizing Committee is experienced in hosting exhibitions and has earned various honors, Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. has over 20 years of experience in planning and organizing exhibitions and conferences, accumulating nearly two million professional audience data entries. This offers exhibitors an excellent communication platform. In 2012, Wise Exhibition joined the most authoritative and well-known Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFl), becoming one of its members in China. Additionally, Wise Exhibition also has been rated as one of the "Top Ten Brand Exhibition Organizers in China" by the only national-level exhibition industry organization in China China Convention and Exhibition Society.

2. Upgraded Scale for High-Quality Development

This exhibition collaborates with authoritative organizations in the industry, integrating high-quality industry resources, and has added new themes related to several major industrial chains, such as new materials, precision machinery, and energy-saving technologies. The exhibition area is expected to reach 80000 square meters, bringing together leading companies and research institutions from the global industry chain, dedicated to building a high-quality development platform for the industry.

3. Dialogue with Industry Leaders, Sparking New Ideas

The exhibition gathers enterprises from all over the world, showcasing their latest technology, craftsmanship and products. During the event, the Organizing Committee plans a number of high-profile technical forums, new product and new technology launch conference and industry salons, inviting renowned experts and professors from home and abroad to discuss the latest industry trends and to explore the future of the industry.

4. Powerful Media Alliance, All-Round Exhibition Publicity

In-depth cooperation with over 100 professional magazines and websites in the industry and more than 50 mass media, we will provide all-round reports on the exhibition, heavyweight features and series of reports to achieve full coverage of the buyer channels; open up the all-channel information flow, multi-dimensional precision placement; and actively participate in the industry activities, regular mass mailing and SMS, and free vehicle pick-up and delivery of other benefits, to attract high-quality buyers and purchasing groups from abroad.

5. Integrate Advantageous Resources, Synergistic and Efficient Development

Continuously innovate and forge ahead, integrate the industry's multiple forces, and major authoritative organizations, academic institutions and industry media to develop in-depth cooperation, to create an excellent industry display and trade exchange docking platform, to ensure the effect of the exhibition.


Exhibition Scope


Winding Machines, Supplies and Production Technologies

Coil winding machines and accessories, wire feeding machines, wrapping machines, soldering/brazing machines, impregnation machines, coil forming machines, detection equipment, chuck, tensioner, etc.

Insulation and Shielding Materials

Potting of smidahk, insulated paints, wire enamel, insulator, insulating coatings, insulation film, high temperature insulation, insulating paper, insulating liquid, insulating tapes, laminated products, adhesive tapes and composite materials, mica, resins, porcelain, silica gel, rubber products, etc.

Magnetic Materials

All kinds of magnetic cores, soft magnetic ferrite, magnetic sheet, magnetic composite materials, metal soft magnets,soft magnetic alloys, amorphous soft magnets, dry powder pressing machine, sintering furnace, blender, ball grinding equipment, cutting machine, coating equipment, micro tome, laser particle size analyzer, x-ray fluorescence analyzer,etc.

Transformer Components and Accessories

Electronic transformers, inductors, hollow coil, electromagnetic coil, bobbin, enameled wire,insulated wire,rectangular copper wire, guide needle, etc.

Power Supply and Equipment

UPS uninterruptible power system, voltage regulator, switching power supply, inverter, LED power supply, mobile power supply, special power supply and other customized products, power aging equipment, power tester, capacitor, resistor, power line, connectors, etc.

Quality, Test and Measurement

Appearance Defect Detection, Machine Vision Detection Equipment, Transformer Bushing Detector, Transformer Test Instrument, etc.

Professional Visitors and Buyers

  Power supply, electronic transformers, consumer electronics, power equipment, home and industrial appliances, smart home, motors, automotive electronics, electroacoustic device, medical device, office automation equipment, lighting fixtures, military equipment, instrumentation, surveillance communication, agents, system integrator, importers and exporters, scientific researchers and Industry association, etc. 

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