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Global Transformer Monitoring System Market Will Reach 2401.77 million USD in 2022

Transformer is one of the important equipments in substation, and it is very important to ensure the reliability of power supply. Transformer monitoring system is based on a variety of mechanical and electrical characteristics of the transformer. Through the oil dissolved gas analysis, partial discharge, core grounding current, on-line winding deformation analysis and vibration analysis, it can monitor the operation state of transformer. Owing to the development of modern sensing technology, microelectronics technology and computer technology has laid a solid foundation for condition monitoring of high voltage equipment.

Transformer monitoring system mainly consists of two parts: state inspection and state diagnosis. Monitoring methods are generally divided into routine monitoring, on-line monitoring, special monitoring and so on. The technical superiority of monitoring system lies on its combination of monitoring function and diagnostic function. It has comprehensive judgment and decision function.

Transformer monitoring system can be divided into two types of centralized system and decentralized system. Among them, the centralized system is to monitor all the tested equipment on time or circuit; the distributed test is to measure the signals taken by the special test instruments.

Transformer monitoring system based on micro processing technology, and it combines the sensor, data collection, communication system and data analysis functions. Through continuous monitoring of state parameters in a period of time, with timely information to capture the early failure of the transformer, it can reduce the economic losses caused by accidental power outages.

The investment cost of transformer monitoring system mainly includes two parts: sensor and intelligent monitoring software. According to statistics of relevant departments, the cost of a complete transformer on-line monitoring system is generally about 1% of the price of the transformer. Due to accurate detection of early fault, the maintenance cost is reduced by 75%, and annual savings rate is equivalent to 2% of the price of the transformer. The economic benefit is considerable.

The "Global Transformer Monitoring System Market Research Report 2017" released by QYResearch shows that the revenue of transformer monitoring system is about 1469.52 million USD in 2016 all around the world. And the transformer monitoring system market will reach 2401.77 million USD by 2022.

Source: QYResearch

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