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Motor & Magnetic Expo, CWEXPO 2020



JFE Steel Corporation

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Company Profile

JFE Steel is a steelmaker engaged in the total steel-making process, taking iron ore raw material and turning it into final products. Boasting one of the world's greatest capacities for steel production, JFE Steel satisfies customers by producing steel under a corporate philosophy of "contributing to society with the world's most innovative technology." The company also contributes to environmental protection by developing reduced-impact ironmaking processes and high-performance steel materials.

JFE Steel's production bases in Japan comprise large coastal ironworks in the eastern and western parts of the country, plus the Chita Works specializing in pipes and the Sendai Works for steel rods and wire materials. Every facility is equipped with cutting-edge technical capabilities for the exceptionally efficient production of high-quality steel products.



JFE Super Core


Super Core™ is the highest grade, one-of-a-kind non-oriented electrical steel sheet product made by JFE Steel.

With high saturation magnetic flux density and low iron loss in the high-frequency range, Super Core™ is a well-balanced product.

Typical applications: high-frequency reactors, high-frequency transformers, magnetic shields, motors, etc.

Motor & Magnetic Expo, CWEXPO (short for The 18th Shenzhen (China) International Small Motor, Electric Machinery & Magnetic Materials Exhibition, 2020 Shenzhen (China) International Coil Winding, Power Supply & Electronic Transformer Exhibition) will be held at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on July 1-3, 2020 with an area of 20,000sqm. There will be over 400 representative companies, 20,000 professional visitors and 100 purchasing groups to join in.

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