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Helios Announces NEO Power Skiving Machine
Machine tools that serves gear manufacturers seeking a power skiving solution

newsimagebg.jpgHelios Gear Products announces a new line of machine tools from YG Tech that serves gear manufacturers seeking a power skiving solution. This line, called ¡°NEO Power Skiving¡± or ¡°NEOPS,¡± is the latest affordable innovation brought to the North American market by Helios. ¡°Gear manufacturers for powertrain systems will welcome this new competitor in the marketplace for its affordable price, high technology, productivity, quick delivery, and domestic support,¡± said Adam Gimpert, president of Helios.

Internal or external spur or helical gears are candidates for power skiving ¡ª in particular, those that may traditionally require shaping due to clearance requirements. Compared to shaping, power skiving offers a gear tooth generating operation that is a fraction of the time. Consequently, NEO Power Skiving allows manufacturing gears with a game-changing level of productivity and profitability. This is achieved with a continuous process where the cutting tool is constantly producing small cuts, whereas traditional shaping has unavoidable idle backstrokes that reduce productivity.

The NEO Power Skiving line includes the model 200 and model 400 with capacities for parts up to 420 mm (16.535") diameter and a pitch rating of 4 module (6.35 DP). The machines use high quality components such as direct-drive torque motors for the work and cutter spindles, FANUC 0i MF CNC, and precision linear scales. Key optional features include automatic tool changer, deburring, cutting tool resharpening, and automatic loading/unloading. The NEOPS 200 and NEOPS 400 offer manufacturers a leading combination of technology and productivity at an affordable price with domestic support.

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